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Q.What is Cerajet?

Patent NO.4242095

By supplying accurate injection by small amount of ceramic particles between the wheel-rail high-speed and high-efficiency, to improve the state apparatus that adhesive.

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Applying the technology of shot blasting!

Most reliable method to be supplied to the contact portion of the wheel and rail hard particulate material than the wheel-rail.

High-speed vehicle cerajet

Q.The role of Cerajet?


This will prevent the wheel slip by rainfall, snow, fallen leaves and insects in the district gradient.
In particular, This will be effective against autumn defoliation and winter rainfall during the rainy season.

2.Prevention of runway

To preventing the sliding of a vehicle detection device are not installed runway, this will prevent stretching of the braking distance.

3.Prevention of flat wheel tread

For the runway is reduced, the prevention of the occurrence by sticking flat tread wheels can be expected.

4.Ensure braking distance

Emergency brake in order to ensure the distance almost the same as when fine weather even when rain is possible, safety of emergency will be further improved.

Q.Why are mounted on the train like?

This has been adopted by numerous freight locomotive JR, including 500,700,N700 Nozomi, Taiwan High Speed ??Rail trains and diesel car and Kyushu Shinkansen,conventional lines and private railway companies of JR.

※Cerajet was jointly developed by the Railway Technical Research Institute and Nicchu Co., Ltd.
※The photographs and illustrations are only representations.

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